Vacuum Investment Casting

As well as traditional casting methods carried out at atmospheric environment, Serpa Investment Casting made an investment in Vacuum Investment Casting back in 2004. As the leader of this technology in Turkey, Serpa offers many different products to both national and international markets.
With its experience and expert staff, Serpa Investment Casting has many special projects realized by the vacuum casting method since 2004 and it has a wide range of products that can meet today's requirements for the defense industry, aviation and energy sectors and are exported worldwide.

Vacuum Investment Casting method has common production steps with traditional Investment Casting process but it is a special and high-end technological method that requires many know-how knowledge and experience used for casting superalloy materials.

The casting of Nickel-based and Cobalt-based superalloys is poured under pressure of 10^-3 - 10 ^-4 mbar in induction melting furnace in vacuum environment,-3 which allows casting in coaxial crystal structure .-4 Here, especially the materials with high temperature resistance are melted and poured in a vacuum environment, so that the nitrogen and oxygen amounts in the material are kept in amount of ppm.

Aluminum is a material with high oxygen affinity and it is easily oxidized in atmospheric environment. Although there are many degassing methods in today's technology, Serpa Investment Casting performs casting of aluminum alloys in a vacuum environment and achieves the best surface quality by melting and casting aluminum in a partially stable environment.