Investment Casting method is known since ancient times of human history and it is not only known as a metal casting process. It is known as a method that is applicable for such parts that are considered as difficult to produce or an alternative for machining production methods.

SERPA provides the following advantages in production:

1- It provides superior surface quality in casting parts that does not require any surface treatment after casting.

2- With its superior surface quality, it enables partial or complete removal of secondary processes, such as machining, welding and soldering, that increases the cost.

3- Narrower tolerances are provided comparing with the other casting methods.

4- For parts that cannot be produced with known production methods and have complex and difficult geometries, this method provides design freedom to engineers and designers.

5- It provides freedom in material selection, homogeneous microstructure and superior mechanical properties.

6- Prototypes or many pieces are produced more economically and faster than other casting methods.